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Producer Q&A – Untold (Bass Music)

The Bass Music Blog recently had a great Q&A with UNTOLD.  Here’s a small clip of the interview with some inspiring notes and information. Be sure to check out their blog for the whole interview.

[via Bass Music Blog] Very pleased this week to be able to introduce this producer Q&A from one of the producers I admire most in the scene; Untold.  You don’t need me to tell you how he’s managed to get himself to the top of the bass music tree without stooping to cheese, populism, or any sort of compromise whatsoever – it’s inspiring.  This week sees the launch of his new sample pack with Loopmasters, which is called ‘Dubstep Producer’.  It’s out now, so go and check it out; or peep a few demo loops below.  I’ll be doing a full review of the pack when I get a minute…

Untold Dubstep Producer – Sample Pack Demo by loopmasters

How do you approach a tune?  Drums first?  Melody?

First off I write the concept down in a notebook. This is usually bullet points with
descriptions of the mood, other tunes or periods I’m referencing for inspiration, sometimes even beat pattern scrawled out in a similar style to a piano roll in the sequencer. Even if I don’t get anything done when I go to the sequencer I’ve got a book full of ideas for later use that are great for skimming through when I’m stuck on a tune.

Once I’ve got a clear concept I’ll gather appropriate samples and build synth patches. I usually start sequencing with drums, but try and get them down quick and move on to the bassline. Sometimes I’ll get the rough rhythm down using temporary sounds, like a 909 kit, then replace the drum hits once I’ve got the bassline working with the rhythm.
What time of day do you work best?

It used to be after midnight, but I’ve slowly learnt to write at any time. Often I’ll have the sequencer open with a tune on the go and add bits throughout the day. This way I spend less time listening to the tune looping on repeat and don’t get as sick of it as I’m building it.
Where do you get your inspiration / motivation from?

I have CD buying and listening binges of specific genres, artists, movements or labels. For instance I’ve bought four Arthur Russell albums this week, last month I bought loads of post punk compilations. The motivation takes care of itself. I’ve always had to write or play music in some form or other.
What do you do when you’re not feeling inspired?

Grab a handful of CD’s from the shelf and go sample hunting, or build new synth patches. Just try and ride it out and not to give myself a hard time.


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Diary Of A Free Album – I.D. & Baobinga – Bass Music Sessions

In case you hadn’t heard, the boys over at the Bass Music Blog are doing some experimenting. They’ve released a FREE ALBUM by I.D. & Baobinga and have been keeping track of it’s activity. Some interesting feedback to check out and beats to pump your speakers to! Check it at DIARY OF A FREE ALBUM

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