Release Date: May 13th 2014

There’s something Golden Era about this. The shakers, the xylophone, the iridescent keys and lush strings. Pat’s combination of traditional instruments in an urban setting with dirty lo-fi drums solidifies the deal. We’ve been waiting for this and the delivery is accepted. This is a masterfully crafted piece of dance music. DJ Premier & Bonobo are some of the levels of craftsmanship that come to mind, all wrapped up in a deep tech affair. Have a gander….

Beartrax takes things into drone territory with a spaceship shot to the moon. An intense and beautiful climb as the atmosphere pools together like a storm cloud. He accentuates elements of the track tastefully with a very balanced approach overall. Glasgow Underground fans will surely enjoy.

Sturdy frontman DJ Melee delivers a dance floor pounder refining elements of the original. Using the xylo sparingly, but focusing on an intense drum build with a drone bass line wobbling its way thru your heart chakra. Piano elements trickle in as the break down gives you a little 2/4 break reminiscent of earlier times. The effort commences with signature-style-sturdy beats. Up, up and away!

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